Teamspeak³ Webinterface

I want to show you a preview of my new Teamspeak3 Webinterface. This Webinterface has some new innovations to other existing Webinterfaces and would subsequent and will control a Teamspeak bot via web interface in the future. You can found any other informations further down this homepage.

Demo / Preview
Password: Admin123
(Sorry guys, but I have no teamspeak instance for free. That mean in the Interface are no teamspeak servers :/)

Programming languages

The Webinterface is coded in HTML, PHP and JAVASCRIPT language. That makes the Webinterface flexible and elegant.
The Homepage updating itself non-stop, also when we use the PHP!


The Javascript libraries Ajax and jQuery are also integrated in the homepage. As a result it works resource-saving because it only loads the requested content.


Caused by the Bootstrap Framework the Homepage is on any Desktop, Tablet and Handy representable and because of the fast changing Stylesheets you can choose any design.

Easy profile overview

The Webinterface contains an easy organized profile overview. It is possible to change your contact- or your user details very fast and see your privileges at a glance.

Illustration 1
Illustration 2

Organised Administration

In the administration area of the Webinterface you can switch the modules easily on or off and with a view clicks you can change the language or the design of the Webinterface.

If you want to use or produce your own Template , you can drop to your personalized .css data file in the register under "/css/themes/".

Illustration 3
Illustration 4

In the category "Instanzen" you can add any Teamspeak 3 instances. In preparing of an instance, you can indicate an alias name. Then the Webinterface shows your alias name instead of your IP-adress.

If you don't want to access with the console to the server on the way, you can start and stop the Webinterface with the authority "Shell" in the switch area. The username "root" for the shell connection is not allowed.

The instances are unencrypted an were saved in the file "config_instanz.php" on the server. You have to make sure, that just authorized persons can access this files to save you data.

You can create, delete and edit a user in the category "User". It also allows to define the privileges from the user for a certain period of time or to block him for a while.

The users can get global and server related privileges. The global privileges relate all settings in the Webinterface or on all distances. The server related privileges are just for the selected server. The privilege "Server edit" is split in subitems. In this way the user can edit the server completely or change the Teamspeak Serverport or the Teamspeak slot amount.

Illustration 5
Illustration 6

The Teamspeakarea

The Teamspeak area lists all Teamspeakserver from all instances were they have permissions. On the main page you can start, stop, delete or select the Teamspeakserver. You have also the option to send a message or a poke to a Teamspeakserver, a instance or all instances in the Webinterface.

You can create a Teamspeakserver in the category "Server create", if you have installed a Teamspeak 3 license. In addition to the usual settings you can create a copy of the existing Teamspeakservers.

If the modul "Server application" is active and you submitted a serverapplication, it is displayed top left in the menu. You can approve or delete it when you select it in the dropdown menu.

Illustration 7
Illustration 8

If you click on the button "More..." in the main menu of the Teamspeakarea, you will redirected to the live viewer of the Teamspeakserver. There you see the real/live Teamspeakviewer. Now you can edit the Teamspeakviewer or execute an action in the channels or users with one klick.

On the right side you can see the submenu of the Teamspeakserver. If you have enough privileges you can easily switch between the options.

Illustration 9
Illustration 10


Wheter Teamspeaksponsors, Teamspeaklessors or just Teamspeakowner, this webinterface provides a full range of featurecontents for your Teamspeakserver. Apart from existing Teamspeak webinterfaces, this webinterface can load contents with javascript subsequent and have a lower data consumption. Beacause of this you can use this on the way.

This webinterface has the advantage, that it just need a view serversources. It needs scarcely computing power and a memory of just 6mb, because lately bots are written in PHP an not in Java for example.


The Teamspeak 3 webinterface needs a database. This database can be a MySSQL, Maria SB or a PostgreSQL database.

Step 1:

You can download this webinterface further down this homepage. After that you have to load this webinterface on your webspace and release the file "install" 777 access rights.

Step 2:

Open the link of the webinterface (for example: When the page is open you can see a button with the name "install" right. Now please follow the step by step instruction to install the webinterface.

Step 3:

If the install was properly, the folder "install" is not longer available. If you still see the folder after that, please delete it. Now the webinterface is connected with your database. Please log in with your webinterface.

Step 4:

If you are logged in, please click on "instances" on the right side and enter your Teamspeak 3 instance. After that click on "users" and set your user all privileges.

Now you are finish. The webinterface should be completed set up.


If you like our projects and want to support our development, you can reach it by a donation.

This donation is voluntary and just to cover the arising expenses of actually and upcoming projects.


The webinterface is published under the license GNU GPLv3. Every sale or transfer of this software whithout the source code is illegal and will be complained at the police.

Before downloading...